Developing online applications is our specialization and what we love to do. The bigger the technical challenge, the broader our smiles. When this involves a lot of content, we are like kids in the proverbial candy store.


Content management, search, semantic content, personalization, XML editing and portals – if it’s digital and it needs developing, we’re your guys (and girls).

Bert WillemsBert Willems
Software architect

As smart as we like to think we are, there are people that are a lot smarter than us. That’s why we work closely with universities – particularly Delft University of Technology. Together with their brightest minds, we spend a lot of time on research and development. On how to optimize content personalization and retrieval, for instance. As well as valuable results for our clients, our cooperation has also produced some new products, such as our pride and joy FontoXML.

Gjalt WijmaGjalt Wijma
Software architect

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