SEO migration to new Computer!Totaal website

Computer!TotaalFrom 3 websites to 1 – with no loss of search engine traffic. That was the task that IDG gave our SEO specialists. Robert van Loon, director of IDG Netherlands, explains how the project went.


What was the challenge that IDG was facing?

“These days, you can’t afford to have too many different brands on the market. That’s why we wanted to merge our websites for App Fish, MacWorld and Computer!Totaal to create a single site called That meant changing both the site and the technology. We also had to delete large amounts of content. had to appeal to a wider audience and be more accessible. But we were worried about losing traffic from search engines. After all, at least 90 percent of our visitors come to our site from Google.”

You were looking for good SEO experts. What was the deciding factor that made you choose Liones?

“We had meetings with four potential partners. But Liones’ action plan and their clear explanations meant they stood head and shoulders above the rest. They responded quickly with quotes and advice. They also turned out to be excellent partners for the marketing and content manager for the site, as well as for our technicians. It was an ideal combination.”

How did Liones help?

“The SEO specialists from Liones carried out an extensive analysis of existing traffic. Then, in consultation with the business and our development team, they came up with a plan to minimize the risk of losing traffic to the site. But at the same time, they also made further improvements. By using Google Analytics, it was made clear how well different sections of the site scored.”

What were the results?

“The results exceeded our expectations by far! There was only a slight and very brief dip in search engine traffic, and then traffic rose dramatically. Most service providers are involved primarily at the start of a migration like this one.”

Liones know a lot about digital marketing and technology. A perfect combination.

“But Liones also provides good aftercare. While the site was going live, the specialists were on hand all the time. That was very nice because of course there are always unexpected situations. And meanwhile, we could use their expertise in analytics to take the next important steps for our site. So we were able to modify our content actively according to what the statistics showed us was working. During the launch of the iPhone 5, our article was top of the search results, ranked above and And last but not least, we were able to maximize the impact of our advertising positions. In short, a great result.”

What keywords would you use to describe Liones’s approach?

“Liones were professionals with the right expertise and they acted fast.”

Interview with Robert van Loon


Robert van Loon: ‘Liones are professionals with the right expertise and they act fast’

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