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screen_ElsevierElsevier Health Sciences has enlisted the help of Liones in meeting a growing demand from Pharmacists. Liones’ Digital Marketing Specialists now provide support on average 4 days a week. Sanne Visser, Strategic Marketing Manager at Elsevier Health Sciences, outlines some of the advantages arising from this.

What challenges did Elsevier face?

“Pharmacists publish their scientific research in our journals. As a result, they become ever more conscious of ROI, reach and feedback. With the online resource centres we have set up for this, Pharmacists can profile themselves in specific areas through ways like bundling articles and content on bedwetting, or Nocturia, under Urology. We can thus agree with the Pharmacists how many Urologists will be reached. Traditionally, our team doesn’t have enough marketing knowledge in-house and this means that digital marketing support is needed.”

You were seeking structural marketing support. What was deciding factor in choosing Liones?

“Liones understands our publishing process well. You can get online marketers and SEO experts anywhere. In this case however, it was also important to have knowledge of content marketing, the ethical side of online publishing, and editorial processes.”

How did Liones help?

“We sought help and knowledge, and Liones provides that. Two specialists currently support us on average 4 days a week with SEO and analytics, and with email marketing and execution.

Through the marketing support of Liones, we are, quite simply, in a position to deliver on our promises to our clients.

Their expertise brought our project management to a higher level. We get extensive social media advice, workshops during editorial meetings, and reports for our clients. Sometimes, when we have a contract meeting with a Pharmacist, a Liones expert joins. Their fresh ideas further help our organization, and importantly, their personnel all work well within our team. Our Project Managers work wonderfully with them and enjoy having them around.”

What results have been achieved?

“Over the last few years, our network of roughly 20 resource centres has seen an estimated 35% growth in traffic. In addition, the renewal rate of contracts with pharmaceutical companies is well above 80%. Through the marketing support of Liones, we are, quite simply, in a position to deliver on our promises to our clients.”

Which keywords would you use to describe Liones’s approach?

“Pragmatic, conscientious and professional.”

Interview with Sanne Visser

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Sanne Visser: ‘Pharmacists publish their scientific research in our journals. They thereby become ever more concious of the ROI, the reach and the feedback.’

About Elsevier Health Sciences

Elsevier Health Sciences, part of Reed Elsevier, publishes over 700 journals and 2000 scientific reference books yearly. Aside from this, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of online tools. 

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